Saturday, September 23, 2006

friday cat blogging, one track mind edition.

yes, it's saturday. again. sue me.

so CatCat has this thing where she loves to drink water out of people glasses. this is all my fault, really, as during the heat wave of the first summer we had her, i wanted to make sure that she was drinking enough water, so i would offer her some out of my glass if she was sitting with me (i'd dump it out afterwards, obviously - i'm not that gross of a cat lady yet!). so after one or two tastes of people water, she was hooked. and her favorite place to get it is from the water glass on my nightstand.

it's gotten to the point that you can tell, in the mornings, that she's just waiting for both of us to get out of the bedroom so she can take a drink from the glass. she will pace up and down my side of the bed, unabashedly eyeing the glass, and then me, and then the glass again. she knows that she shouldn't be doing it, though, so she's not bold enough to actually go for it while we're still in the room.

thus, i was forced to document the moment stealthily. i took this picture literally 60 seconds after both BoyCat and i had left the bedroom (it's blurry, because i had to snap quickly):

and then, the inevitable deer-in-the-headlights look of guilt 5 seconds afterward:

don't let the air of contrition about her fool you. i'm sure she went back to drinking it the minute i left.


Toast said...

What's different about "people water"?

kate.d. said...

damned if i know :) she also loves to lie on any article of people clothing that gets left on the bed - she'll curl up on a single sock.

BoyCat posits that she wants to BE a person. i think it's plausible!

Toast said...

BoyCat posits that she wants to BE a person.

Seriously? Isn't that a step down for a cat?