Thursday, July 06, 2006

taking a moment to share a petty, inconsequential thought.

to all bloggers above the age of 22:

i would advise you to not, under any circumstances, post IM conversations on your blog. especially if they are confrontational conversations. really especially if they are confrontations with a significant other or ex-significant other. i know it's hard to believe, but we are not in college anymore, and you shouldn't be admitting to the world that you still fight with people over IM.

in fact, i'll go a step further with this totally unsolicited advice. don't fight with people over IM, period. be an adult and pick up the phone, or if you need more time to think it through, write a thorough email that makes all the points you'd like to make. but for the love of god, don't engage in the sado-masochism that is an IM argument anymore.

and if you refuse to take this sage pearl of wisdom and abide by it, then please, at least spare the rest of us the ignomy and keep those IM transcripts to yourselves.

thank you.

p.s. yes, i can be a frivoulous bitch. if that's the point you were planning on making in comments, well hey, i've just saved you the time and energy.


educand said...

Wow. I can see an adult posting an IM conversation if it's funny, like you got a good banter going with your friend lampooning Dubya or something. But wow. Nevermind "we're out of college"; this sounds more like "we're out of middle school" to me.

Roni said...

So, kate...what's your IM name?


kate.d. said...

ah, roni, i abandoned the horrors of IM long ago :) i have it on my laptop that is now for all intents and purposes dead, and i did use it rarely to talk to a friend or two before that computer bit the dust. but long gone are the days that i had actual, entire conversations via that seductively evil technology!

Cinnamon said...

I delight in IM at work but I honestly use it solely for "where are we going for lunch" and truly work related conversations. I can't actually imagine having an argument by im. I think I'd laugh so hard they'd hear me.

Hugo said...

Can we amend that to anyone over the age of 12? My students who have blogs/livejournals/etc all too often do exactly this.

kate.d. said...

hugo, i'd be a hypocrite if i didn't acknowledge that i inevitably engaged in some ill-advised IM conversations in my college days, so that's probably why my arbitrary cut-off age is 22.

but the sooner one can break themselves of this nasty habit, the better!

Amy said...

oh i so disagree...bring it makes my life brighter to know other people are worse off than me :)

Mike said...

Of all the crazy things you've said to me, this one is surely the best. There was an almost tangible improvement in my life when I stopped signing on altogether, realizing it was a poor, poor form of communication. I'd like to use it for such things as "Where are we going for lunch" but I don't think I'm emotionally responsible enough.