Thursday, July 06, 2006

artie, the strongest man in the world!

i was all ready to post something last night, and then i fell asleep. at 9:00 pm. for reals.

before the unfortunate narcolepsy episode, the thing getting in the way of posting was a little gift from the gods called The Adventures of Pete & Pete, seasons one AND two. they arrived in the mail yesterday, and BoyCat and i promptly threw disc one in the DVD player and started watching. oh, how i love oddball 90s television. big pete! little pete! artie! bus driver stu!

two episodes down, 19 to go. plus bonus shorts and audio commentary. can't wait to see if danny tamberelli now sounds the part of stoner hippie in the same way he now looks the part.


Rachel said...

oh my god! we are watching Pete & Pete too!! i went to college with the girl who played Ellen! i love how all of the extras are like Micheal Stipe and Iggy Pop and the B52s lady.

kate.d. said...

you went to college with her? oh my goodness, tell me everything. what was she like? did she ride her "pete & pete" fame for all it was worth, or try to act like it never happened? did she dye her hair pink, or anything ridiculous?

oh, i must know.

danny tamberelli went to hampshire college, just down the road from umass, so he was often spotted out and about in amherst. by sheer luck BoyCat and i spotted him at the Black Sheep one summer on a day trip out there. he is a very round, jam-band hippie now (as many hampshire college-ites are!).

one more funny story: i took a creative writing class w/ a girl from hampshire, and we got to be friends. she told me that she'd hung out with danny a number of times (hampshire's a pretty small school), but never brought up anything about the show. except when they got high. then, for the life of her, she could not stop calling him pete.


Rachel said...

She was nice and drove a Saab and said "shut up!" all the time a la Seinfeld. My friend recognized her and asked her about it and she seemed embarrassed but later she showed my class a Pete and Pete clip. She's in the medical field now and didn't act again. What a cool show to have been on! All those guest stars!

That's funny that you saw little Pete. My husband went to Hampshire but he's 34 and that must have been way before little Pete would have been old enough to go. I can't believe we both have P&P connections!! I'd love to see his band.

I like to think that I have only one degree of separation between me and Iggy Pop. Or Patty Hearst. Or Adam West.