Friday, July 07, 2006

something that is frustrating.

so yesterday, my left eyelid got a little uppity. it was tender and sore, so i went sans contacts for most of the day. it was still bothering me when i went to bed last night, and then this morning it was even more sore. upon closer inspection in the bathroom mirror, it was clear that the eyelid had gone from uppity to downright pissed off. it was swollen, puffy, and generally all-around ugly.


so i threw my glasses on for another day, and just for kicks i opened up google to investigate this phenonmenon further. i've had minor eye irritations like this one in the past, but a) my eyelid was pretty damn puffy this time and b) i am my mother's daughter, so it was time for some medical research.

i googled "puffy sore eyelid", without quotation marks in order to get as much as i can. and do you know what over half of the results on the first three pages of google were about?

blehparoplasty. plastic surgery for your eyelids.

i'm like, seriously? i google "puffy sore eyelid" and i get a bunch of shit about aesthetically improving my eye area? i've got bigger problems here, google, i don't care about when the anesthesia will wear off or how surgery will affect the tone and shape of my eyebrows. i just want to know why my eye hurts and how to make it stop hurting.

apparently, according to the world's biggest search engine, i'm not thinking outside of the box here. maybe if i scheduled a blehparoplasty for next week, i could take care of my eye pain and those fine lines starting to reach toward my temples. well, thanks but no thanks google. i think i'll stick with my naturally pissed off eyelids for now.


Roni said...

Do you have allergies?

My eyes do that 1-2 times a year when my allergies get all wonky. A few days of prescription eye drops and glasses usually do the trick.

Also, I'd see if maybe you're having a rxn to your contact cleaner.

I know my eye doc will let me come see her for free within a year of an appt. Maybe yours will too.

kate.d. said...

yeah, it could be allergies - i've had things kinda like this happen before. but the puffiness level this time is just at a whole 'nother level!

i'm just going to tough it out with the glasses for the weekend and see what happens.

ah, human biology.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

It sounds like you might have a stye . They're like an ingrown hair, but on your eyelid. If you get an infection in the follicle, you can get redness, pain and swelling. The cure is to hold a warm (as warm as you can stand) washcloth against your eye for 5-10 minutes, several times a day.

Sarah said...

i had this SAME THING a few years ago. you have a blocked gland on your eyelid! it is a bitch but what helped me more than the crappy ointment the dr. gave me was putting a hot compress (heating pad on wrapped in a towel) on it for like an hour until it, um popped and drained (nasty i know but the quickest solution and it works!).

Sarah said...

oh and for your reading (and commiserating) pleasure: my blog entries from that saga in 2003

i forgot all about the chalky white horse pils. if it isnt better after using the heating pad then maybe go to the dr. and get some.

kate.d. said...

i think chemist is right, as a) i've had styes before, and b) i flipped up my eyelid today and could see a distinctive little red nasty bump in there.

it was gross, and i'm sorry to even be sharing that with you.

sarah, if i have a blocked glad then i'm going to freak out, because i just read your entry about "well if it doesn't get better w/ the chalky pills you might need surgery" and was like "ahhhhh. ah."

so warm compresses and hope. that's the plan.