Monday, July 03, 2006

it's oh so quiet.

i am not wearing shoes right now. i mean, i wore them on my way in to work (not wearing shoes on the El could be the most disgusting proposition ever), but now i have no shoes on. unfortunately, i didn't bring my slippers, but it's ok. i'll live.

i am the only person in my office. the only one.

it isn't that strange to be the only one in the office if you've just gotten in really early to get a jump on things, or if you're there late working on a deadline. but the knowledge that you will be the only person in the office all day? that's just odd. it's like ferris bueller or risky business or something - i feel compelled to do something ridiculous and slightly foolish, just because i can. dance on a lateral filing cabinet? do somersaults in the hallway? put all the stuff from my boss's desk on the receptionist's desk, and all the stuff from the receptionist's desk on my boss's desk?

drink heavily?

no, i won't do any of the above, because i am a nice girl. well, i will drink heavily, but it will be iced coffee, not booze.

so be barefoot, drink heavily, and look for jobs. sounds like a plan to me.


Roni said...

Well my grad student decided to show up, so I have to be professional and all. ;)

FINY said...

There were only four people in my office yesterday and we were only there for half a day. What did I do? Work? Nah. I redesigned my site! Hey I was productive ...