Friday, June 30, 2006

"oh, snap, you've got chlamydia."

when the tenor of conversation in our apartment results in statements like this being uttered, you know that SisterCat and mike are in town. not that anybody here has chlamydia. to my knowledge.

so, SisterCat and mike have graced us with their deviously fabulous presence for three and a half days, and thus i will be busy attempting to keep them entertained until sunday. then, after we drop them off at the airport, it's off to visit the pseudo-in-laws and other extended-pseudo-family for the evening.

see you again monday, when i venture into nonprofitland as the only employee without the day off. i'm thinking of wearing yoga pants and slippers, and just dancing around my office to Top 40 radio all day.


Kate said...

Why the heck don't you have the day off if everyone else does? If you must go in and will be the only one, muss some papers around to look like you've been there and leave. ;)

Dad-Cat said...

Marshall's, the discount department store, used to have a slogan - "if you miss a week you miss a lot" This blog is kinda like that. It's been a long week here in "for-profit" land. It was end of the month, end of quarter and mid-year number crunch. So, I didn't get a chance to check in til today. Wow, hat's when I find my daughter is:
moving to D.C., doesn't like herself, (but many, many of her friends & fellow bloggers do!) skips the gym & gets loaded just cause some gay men have a parade and probably most disturbing - the "A" in photography was a sham!
Phew, I'm never gonna miss a week ever again!

FINY said...

Ok, it's super cute that your dad comments on your blog. My father did that once, and let's just say I almost died of embarassment and haven't been able to meet his gaze since :)

I'll be in the office for half the day Monday ... and I may join you in slippers. Damn non-profits!!!

Arthur said...

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