Friday, June 23, 2006

your soul-deadeningly stupid headline of the day.

from this afternoon's yahoo homepage:

Business as usual at Sears Tower despite plot

as if we really expected that the sears tower would be deserted today. or we expected that people there would be running up and down the hallways, screeching like howler monkeys, overturning coffee carts and dumping reams and reams of copy paper out the windows.

hey reuters: this is not news. i know it's 3:00 pm on a friday, but you can do better. siamese twins, killer crocs, anything but this pointless, vaguely terrorism-related drivel, please.

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Heather said...

And did you read anything about the group planning the attack? They sound a lot like the Keystone Cops. I'm going to go out of my way to go to the Sears Tower; it's that much safer BECAUSE they're planning to attack it. :P