Friday, June 23, 2006

friday miscellany.

people, your minds would be boggled - boggled - by how many hits i'm getting from people searching for "it's like one billion degrees" and "dunkin donuts." it is obscene. and i sit here and wonder, what exactly is it that they're trying to learn about "it's like one billion degrees"? what more is there to know about that jingle, other than it's like crack-cocaine for the brain synapses that handle Songs That Get Stuck In Here. i guess they could be wondering who sings the jingle. i can actually help with that, thanks to a commenter calling himself "just some dude": it's They Might Be Giants.

thanks, just some dude, for the edification.

city folks, can i ask you a question? wait, don't answer that, because i'm going to do it anyway. does it bother you if you're reading a newspaper on the subway and the person sitting next to you just unabashedly reads over your shoulder? now, i never read on the El - my hair-trigger motion sickness should be studied in a lab, or something - but this morning a girl near me was reading the Red Eye. another girl got on, sat down next to the reading girl, and spent the rest of the ride to the Loop very evidently perusing her neighbor's paper.

i don't know why, but this makes my skin crawl. it's not that she was even invading reading girl's personal space, and i know people do it all the time, but still. ugh. just don't. if you wanted to read the Red Eye so bad, they were giving them out for free outside whatever El stop you use. take one, and read it your damn self.

i need more coffee.


educand said...

Oh gosh.... true confessions... I totally read over people's shoulders on the subway. It's an annoying bad habit, I know, but I just can't resist the temptation. I get too motion-sick to read my own paper/book, is what it is, and yet so word-oriented that any printed material within a cubic yard of me infallibly gets me by the face. Sorry, everyone!

Cinnamonh said...

I'm with educand on this one. And I have to keep reminding myself that it is rude. Working on our student paper got me over my annoyance at people who read over my shoulder whether it was printed material or even what I was writing on a computer. And of course I got over my hangup about doing it to other people. But I'm usually so engrossed in whatever I'm reading that I don't notice what other people are reading much.