Sunday, June 25, 2006

ha ha ha, silly straight people.

about three hours ago, BoyCat and i changed into our gym clothes, grabbed our iPods, and headed for the gym.

on the day of the Gay Pride parade, in a neighborhood called Boystown.

we made it about a block before throwing up our hands in defeat. what were we thinking? seriously. the parade started at noon and pretty much encircled our apartment on three sides, and yet for some reason we thought that three and a half hours after the parade kicked off would be a totally fine time to venture out and act like it was a normal day.

um, no.

we gave it a good go, battling the marauding hordes (ok, the dancing, singing, catcalling hordes) for about five minutes til we reached the actual parade route, which was still choked with Those Reveling In The Gayness. when such a spirit of drunken glee and debauchery takes over your little corner of the world, it is best not to fight it, especially just to make your way to 45 joyless minutes on the elliptical machine. so we turned ourselves right around, went home, and had a beer.

viva Gay Pride, for giving me an excuse to avoid the gym, and a reason to drink.

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