Friday, May 26, 2006

information station.

within three minutes of each other, this blog got hits from people querying: 1) "seasonale how do you know if you're pregnant," and 2) "can you root for two teams."

a cat and twenty was a veritable font of information during the 3:00 hour.

well, probably not so much for the person with the seasonale concern. but for the two teams questioner, i was hopefully somewhat enlightening on the topic. intra-city two team fondness = out of the question. everything else is negotiable.

ok, i'm out. happy weekend.

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karen gsteiger said...

Well, one thing we can agree on in the Great Baseball Divide in Chicago is that you have to pick a team. The worst are those who state noncommittally, "But I just like Chicago..." And the absolute worst of the worst are those who switch sides, depending on whichever team is doing better that year. Dante had a special punishment for fence-sitters.