Tuesday, May 30, 2006

summer in the city.

well, it's hot. here are some other enlightening thoughts and opinions from me on this tuesday morning:

- junebugs are big and loud and scary. and when they try to get into your camper, it's very uncool.

- people really shouldn't try to drive anywhere on the friday before memorial day. this includes me.

- taco bell is kind of delicious.

- my biggest pet peeve about summer is bees. all stinging insects, really.

- BoyCat's biggest pet peeve about summer is dealing with my screeching about bees.

- my second biggest pet peeve about summer is shorts. i am not built for shorts. i have one functional pair that i can wear out in public without feeling a bit trailer trash-y. i have two pairs of cut-offs that, while functional, make me feel a bit trailer trash-y. me + shorts = vain, whining asshole.

- i don't understand how people can walk around outside drinking coffee on a hot day. i mean, get it iced. if i've got to be out in the sunny, 90 degree weather, you can be damn sure i'm not going to be compounding the problem by drinking a hot beverage. it just defies explanation.

ok, more later. and by later, i might mean thursday, as nonprofitland is deadline-driven this week. but maybe sooner, if i get my act together.


Roni said...

Don't pay attention to the white chocolate mocha sitting on my desk, OK?

kate.d. said...

well roni, if you're mainly going to be drinking a hot coffee inside on a hot day, that's fine. presuming air conditioning, of course. even if you want to start drinking it on the EL, where it's cool, that's fine.

what i don't get are the people walking around outside drinking them, or sitting out at cafe tables in the heat drinking them.

baffling, i tell you.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that if you drink a hot beverage on a hot day, you raise your body temperature so that you don't feel the heat as much as if you are cooling off your body temperature by drinking a cold drink...

This is what I've heard. Anybody know if this is truth or malarky?

Mike said...

Well, anonymous, I was actually about to write the same thing. I've heard this, but I've never tried it. At 10:30 this morning, when I was on my way to dunkin to get my second large coffee, I considered getting a hot one, but decided not to chance it. I went with a second iced, and boy was I glad. And, I was inside in an air-conditioned room. Imagine if I was outside somewhere.
However, I don't know that I'm a very good judge, as even on the coldest day of the year I let my coffee cool down to "warm" before I drink it.