Thursday, May 25, 2006

grrrr. argh. (UPDATED!)

ok, i am super fucking pissed right now, because nothing gets me super fucking pissed like trivial shit.

so i got home from work, walked up three flights, came into the apartment and said to BoyCat, "holy shit, it's hot in here." he nodded from the couch, sweaty and seemingly immobilized. so we did what any right thinking people would do, which is jump in the car and go to Target. at Target, we perused a whole aisle of fans - box fans, table fans, tower fans, oscillating fans, little fans, big fan, fanless fans, etc - and finally got one box fan for the window in the living room and one tower fan for the bedroom.

now, have you all seen these tower fans? i always mistake them for air purifiers at first, but they are in fact fans. because of my said air purifier confusion, i have harbored a deep seated mistrust of these towers fans' ability to actually cool down a room. i mean, it doesn't have giant blades that go around and around really fast, so it can't be good, right?

but. but. i decide, since these are the most prominently displayed fans, and they're kinda new, so that means they must be improved, that maybe i should reconsider. all right, i say to BoyCat, let's get one of these new-fangled tower fans. and secretly, i am impressed with myself for my forward-thinking ability and overall sophistication in fan-related matters.

we get home, and after going out and grabbing something to eat, we put the tower fan together. we plug it in, rattles. loudly. and not a rattle like oh, that's a powerful fan, a rattle like there's a loose pin (or twenty) banging around inside of it at a high rate of speed. BoyCat has been attempting to remedy the problem for the last fifteen twenty-five minutes, but i knew after the first five seconds that it was doomed. why? because we threw the box away on our way to dinner.

so i fear that i have wasted $40 on a defective tower fan. i knew they were suspect. damn it all.

on a totally unrelated note, BoyCat and i are off on some family-related travels over the long weekend, so if i don't get a chance to post tomorrow, i wish everyone the happiest of memorial days. enjoy the day off at the expense of uncle sam. and don't buy any tower fans - they're the devil.

UPDATE: ok, so we totally went back outside with a flashlight and pulled the box out of the dumpster. yeah we did. i mean, it's forty bucks! i'm not made of money here, people.


Toast said...

OK, first of all, great post title. Reminds me of the production company credits at the end of Buffy.

Second, there's these things called "Air Conditioners". Heard of them? You should be able to find one that will handle a typical apartment (or at least a room or two) for the price of 2-3 fancy-ass fans.

Mike said...

I have one of those tower fans, and I love it, although it does confuse me because I can't figure out how it works.

I'd bring it back to Target, box be damned. It should be silent, and they're a big company, they won't give you any trouble for an exchange.

I also don't have a/c, because a) I'm cheap and b) the fans in my apartment work well. But it is something to consider, because nothing is nicer than an air conditioned apartment.

kate.d. said...

toast, you genius! the buffy reference is exactly what i was going for.

and the issue of our air conditioner is a whole 'nother post. we have one! a little, old wall unit that sucks. more later...

Roni said...

Of course it's a Buffy thing!

I canNOT believe you dug that box out at night. haha! Good job thou. I admit, I'm sure I would have done the same thing.

And I get the outlet thing. Despite getting our place re-wired and paying a lot, we still can't have the AC on while I'm making toaster waffles.

Toast said...

>toast, you genius!

Oooooo. (sigh) OK, you just earned my undying loyalty.

karen gsteiger said...

I think my husband and I have that exact same tower fan that makes that exact same noise. Total piece of shit.