Tuesday, March 07, 2006

linky, continued.

women of america, have you gotten the creeping sense that something is amiss lately? that some strange movements are afoot?

rana breaks it down for you: guess what? it's been decided that you're not quite human.


Mike said...

Believing that the only people who don't have full human rights are women with a "fertile uterus" is foolish and extremely selfish.

educand said...

I thought the linked entry was extremely well-put.

However, I'm wondering whether Mike above is thinking of people with physical or mental disabilities who have their rights to bodily integrity challenged frequently. I'm put in mind of a grassroots organization I know of in Massachusetts that is made up of people with psychiatric disabilities - they would argue that indeed, they have to fight tooth and nail to maintain ownership of their bodies.

kate.d. said...

mike - i'm not sure what's up with taking that tone.

i myself wouldn't argue that they're the only people, and i think if this were pointed out to rana, she'd agree. overall, the post was about a woman responding to a direct threat to her bodily autonomy, and i'm not why that sentiment should elicit the mantle of "selfish."