Tuesday, March 07, 2006

linky linky.

earlier during my lunch hour, Broadsheet kindly directed me to this LA Times op-ed about abortion, overpopulation, and superstore worship.

i like it.

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elizalou said...

I read that one too and thought it was pretty good. If it could have been another six pages I might have liked it even more.

This, of course, coming from me, a person who never writes more than a few paragraphs at a time.

"And it is here, at the crossroads of child worship and superstore worship, that we form many of our ideas about who should be reproducing." Touche. (By the way, did you ever figure out how to get accents to show up in posts? I can do it in Word.

é è

Ooh! I think it pastes over! Too bad I hate composing posts in Word.

Wait, Here's something else. áç¿ûëå

Not the way I do it in word processing, but I think it's even easier.

Touché. Or is it touchée? Oh lordy, where have my grammar skills gone? Sortir par la fenêtre, je crois.

And apparently I can write six page comments on other people's posts. . .