Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a note.

no links, though, i promise. i just wanted to pop up and say that i know today is blog against sexism day. i know i have not, as of yet, blogged against sexism. but i'm going to try to later tonight, if i can think of something more coherent then "um, ahhhh, sexism's bad, k?"

don't hold out too much hope.

honestly, it's mainly that the last two days at nonprofitland have been The Suck, and i'm not sure how much brainpower i will have left by this evening. i'm going to try to marshall the brain cell troops, though, because regardless of my tiredness levels, i would have to slap my own wrist with the Bad Feminist ruler if i didn't take a few moments out of my night to blame the patriarchy!

oh, crap, but you know what? the finale of project runway is on too! shit. that's going to be some serious multi-tasking - handicapping the fashion week race, and sticking it to The Man at the same time. this should be interesting.


GC (God's Child) said...

blog against sexism? There are so many days and months, I can't keep up.

educand said...

Eh, mine wasn't any great shakes, either. It's not a contest, and you blog regularly against sexism with great eloquence. So take care of your brain tonight - I think you will be forgiven.