Saturday, February 25, 2006

friday cat blogging, take me to your leader edition.

i know, a day late. but let's still title it friday cat blogging and pretend like nothing's different.

there's not much i can say about this picture, other than that i am highly amused by it.


east side girl said...

Generally, I don't feel the need to clarify what I write on my blog and while I understand your reaction to my post, I do feel the need to make a statement.

The overall point of the post (and apparently I didn't convey this clearly enough) is about learning to live w/ someone else.

You see, spiceboy is extremely involved in the wedding planning process--he's actually more involved sometimes than than I'd like him to be!

The thing is (and I've mentioned this in previous posts), he and I have completely opposite ways of performing tasks. I'm impatient. I like to get things done quickly. When I start something, I like to finish it right away.

Meanwhile, spiceboy is a master planner, mulling things over in his head for a REALLY LONG TIME before actually executing them. This someimes means that it takes him longer to perform a certain task than I would like.

So you see--my way of doing things drives spiceboy bonkers b/c I'm impulsive. spiceboy's way of doing things drives me nuts b/c he's so damn careful about everything.

But just b/c I ask him to do something and he agrees to do it--that doesn't mean I should expect him to do it exactly my way. And vice versa.

What you said in your comment is exactly right--he's a grown man. And even though it drives me nuts, he's within his rights to do things his own way.

And even though it drives him nuts, he lets me do things my own way.

It's meeting in the middle and finding a place where we don't drive one another bonkers that's the tricky part.

Like I said in the post, it's about learning to live with one another--learning that just b/c we don't do things the same way, that doesn't mean we're doing it wrong. It's been an interesting learning experience for both of us, and we talk about it quite often.

Okay, sorry I've taken up so much comment space. If you'd like to continue this discussion, feel free to email me at

As always, thanks for dropping by and for your insightful observations. I really do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

There's a link on foxnews for Hollaback

kate.d. said...

esg, i emailed you,and your points make total sense. but i forgot to say that i also enjoy that you have the original number of r's in you email address's "grrrl". why only use two r's, when you can use three? :)