Friday, February 24, 2006

like, whoa.

UPDATE: ok, so i was off on the paper - it's the Post, not the Times! good on you, Holla Back.

to all the peeps coming from HollaBackNYC - can someone tell me why there's so much holla-traffic? was there a profile of them in the Times or something?

my links from Holla Back are through the roof this morning, and i'll be damned if i can figure out why.

oh, and thanks for coming! feel free to stay and look around. my ramblings and general incoherencies are here purely for your amusement.


Roni said...

Yo're on their blogroll under friends! :) Congrats.

Jared Goralnick said...

yeah, kate, you're the smart one whose blog starts with "A "--that's why you're getting all the attention. I mean, that and you still rock.

kate.d. said...

yeah, but here's the thing - i've been on the blogroll for months! but the traffic from there today is outrageous. there's something going on, i just don't know what it is....

Anonymous said...

hollabacknyc was mentioned on the opie and anthony show this morning

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have an article on the Foxnews web sight that is why.

And people are curious. I live in Northern Michigan and have never done or said anything that you people in New York deal with. An occasional girl look but I would never say anything.

Totally diffrent way of thinking. My parents instilled some morals in me.

This goes for everyone I know. I'm sure there are those types up here too but I haven't gotten to experience them.

Good luck and if you want better behavior move to rural America. Life is better..


Anonymous said...

I got the link from the front page of