Wednesday, February 11, 2009

things i have been doing lately.

deciding to buy a house.*

freaking out about buying a house.

mixing white wine and champagne.

getting yelled at.

having trouble sleeping.


almost falling down the metro escalator.

paying vet bills.

rubbing weird medicated stuff on my cat's face.

trying not to think about how much cat surgery next month will cost.

thanking the baby jesus that we got a tax return to cover it, at least.

pondering a run for the border.

freaking out about buying a house.

*when i say house, you all realize i don't really mean "house," right? i mean condo. 600-700 sq feet of glorious urban living. actual single family houses in the district are either a) in a neighborhood where gunshots are not out of the ordinary or b) prohibitively expensive. hell, most condos are bordering on prohibitive. do you know how much it costs to live in an east cost city these days??

/freaking out. for now.


Toast said...

Freaking out over buying property is entirely justified.

Good luck with your kitty.

c.r.a. said...

Not to be a real estate evangelist, but my girlfriend and I just bought our DC house in March, and our neighborhood is not prohibitively expensive (house prices here are comparable to the price of one bedroom condos in our old Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights 'hood) - and there are NO gunshots. Seriously.

So if you would like to consider a house, take a look at Fort Totten (there is a house for sale just around the corner from us).

I totally understand the freaking out though. It's a crazy stressful process. Good and worth it, but definitely a lot. It's worth a little freaking out.

Tracy said...

What's wrong with your kitty's face?

I've been moisturizing like a madwoman - a.m., eye cream, facial moisturizer, hand exfoliating cream, decolletage cream and p.m., different facial moisturizer and hand exfoliating cream again. And whole body moisturizing on yoga night, because you can't do yoga with dry skin without itching like a madwoman.

KimRossi said...

Um, 600-700ft of space IS glorious! What I would give for that kind of space!

LiLu said...

It's the right time to buy a house, at least! Good luck with the kitteh...

barb h said...

you're thinking of buying a place? wow, congrats! that's a really good place to be right now. I sorta wish I was ready to buy now but I'm just now. good luck with it tho... hey, I thought we were supposed to grab coffee some day! we forgot!