Tuesday, August 05, 2008


it's so...hot.

everywhere, it's hot. it's either you're in the midst of the hot or you're near an a/c, in a respite from the hot. the hot dictates everything. august is here, and everyone who is smart in this city is somewhere else. the train cars are half full. dupont circle is deserted.

you walk up the escalators and feel the grime under your finger tips, touching the rubber handrail only intermittently, for balance. you sit at happy hour in the breezeway and feel your legs sticking to the leather stool, and you fan yourself with the bar bill. you kick the sheets off at night, trying to conserve energy (and money), the old air conditioner working hard even at half blast. you embrace it, at the beach, with the sun at high noon, and the sting of sunscreen in the corner of your closed eyes, with the screeches of children and tinny salsa music on someone's radio.

it's just hot. there is nothing to do but ride it out. sweat, wince, cry, purify. wait. because it will all be over soon.

right? right.


Anonymous said...

Because then, then it'll be winter, the snow will be flying, we will all be bitterly cold, and have something else to complain about, LOL.

So yeah, I'll enjoy the hot stickyness for another little while.

Toast said...

Yeah, it'll will all be over soon. Then we'll have a few brief weeks of nice, crisp autumn, followed by four months of coping with $4/gallon heating oil, during which we wonder when this blasted cold will ever break.

Lisa said...

I like the hot. I'm having a little panic at the impending end of it.