Friday, July 25, 2008

who's in your five?

the tagging continues unabated!

so, the "celebrity free pass" list. got one? you know you do. here's my five:

george clooney

so he's like 85 years old. who fucking cares. look at the man.

tom brady

my tommy is not the brightest bulb on the circuit, i know. but really? intellectual prowess is not what this exercise is about.

matt damon

the thinking woman's brad pitt. who said that...i think it i'm sorry what were we talking about again?

freddy rodriguez

gio from ugly betty. i had a serious "is it hot in here??" moment after the end of the penultimate episode last season.

matt iseman

ok this is out of left field, i know. but my love for clean house's "go-to guy" is well-documented. at least in my apartment. where jason is pretty sick of hearing about it.

honorable mentions - disqualified from actual list for being fictional characters or residing in a previous decade:

dean cain, circa 1996

i don't care what you say. this man was HOT back then. and a superhero on the tv. yes please.

daniel craig as james bond in casino royale

it's not so much daniel craig, actually, as it is him playing this character in this movie. i nearly passed out in the theater.


somewaterytart said...

George Clooney is a God. His age is a non-issue, as he is immortal.

Beatrice B said...

FREDDY RODRIGUEZ *swoons* That character in Ugly Betty was totally hot and adorable. There's something about that latino man that drives me crazy. And what a voice!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also love Curtis Stone from Take Home Chef - yummy!

I totally agree with you on Tom Brady, too. Also, Dustin Pedroia.

Tracy said...

Great pictures.

I loved your comment on Daniel Craig. And there's another Bond movie coming out! Woohoo!

kate.d. said...

the new bond movie, i know!! they ran the trailer during the dark knight last weekend!

i'm trying to keep my expectations at a somewhat realistic level, just because i loved casino royale to such an irrational degree, but really?

ahhhhh i'm so excited!

Lisa said...

I'm not usually so much on the blue eyes and blond hair, but Daniel Craig as Bond makes me swoon.

E-Money said...

wow, stumbled across your blog by accident. your posts are great. anyway, did you know dean cain is a repub? i saw him on larry king berating Obama after his speech here in denver at the end of the DNC. quite the shocker, esp. to someone who previously loved circa-1996 superman, mr. cain. who now supports mcCAIN. all i can say now is gross. and btw we have the same blog background!