Tuesday, November 06, 2007

and we turn him into an anecdote.

something that i read today reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Six Degrees of Separation. i really fucking love that movie - it's actually kind of a crime that i don't own it on dvd.

so then i went looking for a very brief scene from the movie on youtube, which they didn't have, but i did find a clip of the final scene, which is amazing. stockard channing has been great in many things, and this is no exception. if you haven't seen the movie, for god's sake don't watch this because you'll ruin it! put the movie on the top of your netflix queue and see the whole thing.

however, if you have seen the movie and loved it like i did, by all means take five minutes to revisit this little dual tour de force from channing and donald sutherland. (the french subtitles? - i have no idea what they're about, and they are slightly distracting. but oh well i still kinda want to hug the person who posted it anyway.)

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