Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i hate nature.

well that's not really true. i usually only tend to mildly dislike it.

but right now? there's this cricket. it's in the overgrown tangle of weeds and greenery lovely landscaping just outside our bedroom window. it has been there for days.

it is a loud fucking cricket.

when you think of crickets, you probably think of soothing nighttime summer sounds, right? i know i did, before this cricket set up shop about thirty feet from where i sleep. when you hear crickets off in the distance, across a field, through the car window, they sound melodious, even felicitous - the perfect accompaniment to a warm weather evening. when you hear a cricket CHIRPCHIRPCHIRP CHIRPing, at an unceasingly and unnaturally loud decibel, right outside your window without interruption every night for the past week...

you're liable to wonder if you've done something to piss the cosmos off. because your admittedly fragile mental state is about to be brought down like a house of popsicle sticks by an insect.

(can i just tell you? as i wrote that last sentence? the chirping stopped. for like ten whole seconds. and just as my fingers stopped typing, my eyes widening in wonder - it started again.)

1 comment:

DecemberFlower said...

At least they aren't in your house. D: