Friday, September 21, 2007

friday cat blogging, the "yah suspect." edition.

poor CatCat. she has reason to be wary. her extrasensory feline perception tells her that something is afoot, but i can't imagine that she knows exactly what it is. because if she knew that a week from today she'd be at the dentist getting half of her teeth pulled out, well, i imagine she'd be hiding under the bed.

that's right! CatCat's chronic dental ailment - stomatitis, or in simpler terms, really really really bad kitty gingivitis - is cause for her teeths to come outs. since her gums are reacting against plaque on her teeth, and her quarterly steroid shots and antibiotic regimen are only doing mild to moderate good in keeping her comfortable, we figured it was time to bite the bullet (ha!) and get 'er done. so she goes under the knife in a week, and about eight hours and one giant hit to my wallet later, we're hoping she's on the road to happier kittyhood.

friday cat blogging, needless to say, will resume after a period of rest and recuperation!


Anonymous said...

Poor CatCat! Godspeed, CatCat!

JW said...

My Mister Cat (no relation to your family, I don't think) has had two rounds of extractions. Expect CatCat to forgive you, eventually, because she'll be healthier and happier in the long run. Good kittymouth juju to you