Wednesday, August 01, 2007

your wednesday one-liner.

courtesy of overheard of new york, via the endless supply of clueless tourists:

Tourist pointing to chairs in Rockefeller Center: I don't know - they must be having an event or something, because usually you can ice skate here all year long!

--Rockefeller Center

ah hahaha. we actually swung through rockefeller center two weekends ago, and i was commenting to my mom that i had never actually been there in the summer, and thus never seen what they do with the rink in the warm weather.

and see, i'm not so much begrudging big city tourists some general ignorance. that's to be expected and understood. this however, 1) falls under general stupidity, and 2) i believe that anyone who cannot control the verbalization of their own stupid thoughts deserves some mocking for them. we all have stupid thoughts! hell, i have at least half a dozen per day! but luckily, 95% of them don't see the light of day, because i catch myself before i utter them. if i encounter a situation that confuses me, i take five or ten seconds to try to figure it out within the confines of my brain before saying anything out loud.

so tourists, please - take a page from mr. lincoln, who once wisely advised that "it is better to keep one's mouth shut, and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt."

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