Wednesday, August 01, 2007

do you know what is awesome?

i'll tell you.

what's awesome is going to throw out the trash before work, and encountering in the trash area a small three-drawer bedroom piece from IKEA that exactly matches the wardrobe from there that you have in your apartment. and it's in perfect condition. just sitting there. by the trash.

i fucking love consumer excess that results in people leaving perfectly good furniture out for the garbagemen! especially when it benefits me!


Toast said...

What if the reason they're getting rid of it is because it's haunted?

Just sayin'...

kate.d. said...

you know what's sad? i actually thought about that while i was clorox clean-up-ing it :) i said to myself, "i wonder if they said, hey, bad things have happened to us since we got this thing, it must be cursed, let's get rid of it." then i cracked up at my own ridiculousness about .5 seconds after i thought it.