Saturday, June 23, 2007

one more thing.

i couldn't leave for a week and not tell you to go over to pandagon and check out amanda's most recent feminism friday offering. amanda is always great, but dammit if she isn't spot-on with this one.

lakoff and his framing are nothing new, of course, but amanda does a great job of employing this idea - especially how people think in, and relate to, metaphors and similes - to explain the fundamental divide about sex in this country, and ultimately between fundies and feminists. to be certain, these frames she uses are two ends of a spectrum, but in a media where everything is binary, i think it's reasonable to talk about it in these terms.

a snippet:

I’d say the two major metaphorical frames about sex would be the conservative-sexist one and the liberal-feminist one. The conservative-sexist metaphorical framework of sex is Sex As Conquest. In this frame, women’s bodies are objects and sex is about the struggle to conquer the pussy...If sexual intercourse happens, by definition, the man who gets to fuck the woman has won...[s]ex happens when women surrender, in this model.

...[t]hese separate models of what sex is explain why threads about rape turn into hellholes pretty quickly—sexists and feminists aren’t even speaking the same language, in a sense. The conservative-sexist model of rape is the same one used to define a foul in basketball. Basically, when sexual intercourse happens, the man team has scored a point against the woman team. Each team is allowed some strategies and disallowed others. In basketball, you’re supposed to snatch the ball from the other team, but you can’t cross certain lines or you’ll get a foul. This explains why rape trolls are so eager to find out what the “rules” are, i.e. when they are permitted to force sex. (”Is it rape if she’s drunk? What if she says yes and changes her mind? Is it okay to bully someone into it, so long as you don’t actually hold her down and force her? Are guilt trips okay?, etc.”)

ok, i'm really leaving now. all packed and everything. see you next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

"A company that provides translation services and cultural sensitivity training to other organizations is being accused of sex discrimination and racial insensitivity in its own ranks."

"To bolster her discrimination complaint with the state, Kelly included photos allegedly showing the company's top two human resources executives dressed up for the 2005 corporate Halloween party as a black pimp and a white prostitute. The "pimp," a white woman wearing blackface and sporting a fake gold tooth, won the prize for best costume, the complaint said."