Friday, June 22, 2007

friday cat blogging, attitude adjustment edition.

CatCat does her best to visually expresses how i feel, at this moment, about the city of DC and all of its inhabitants.*

in other words: "DC, back up off me. now."

no wait, i have a better idea! i'll back up off you. way up, into a whole 'nother state. for an entire week. and while i'm there, i won't have to deal with assholes on the metro, or sullen unfriendly co-workers, or pervs who leer at you on the street, or mentally ill homeless people who flick lighters in your face, or cops ticketing people for jaywalking in dupont circle while people are getting mugged at gunpoint for $20 in my neighborhood, or...

anything like that.

can you tell i need a vacation? tomorrow morning, BoyCat and i are off with the family to the chesapeake bay for a lovely, relaxing week on the water. i'll see you when i get back - hopefully with my attitude adjusted accordingly.

*oh, not all of you - there are at least a dozen of you that i genuinely enjoy! to those twelve of you - hugs and kisses and rainbows and unicorns. to the rest of you - piss off.

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Anonymous said...

see, i'm in dc as an intern so the assholes on the metro, the annoying policemen, etc are all so refreshingly cool. then it will be back to life being boring where there is no metro, there is no dupont circle, etc.

hope your vacation leaves you renewed!

stacey (
too lazy to sign in :)