Thursday, May 03, 2007

that dreaded term.

you know the one - the one that every blogger, at some point in his or her life, is going to find themselves forced to utter. no, it's not "unbloggable" - i've done that one already.


god, i am loathe to even type it. it sounds so self-important, doesn't it? tv shows go on hiatus. professors go on hiatus (no wait, that's "sabbatical." but whatever.). my little blog, with its 20-odd regular readers, should not warrant the term. but the blogosphere has deigned it so - any foreseen and somewhat lengthy absence from blogging shall henceforth be properly termed a "hiatus", it's there in the by-laws, look it up - and i am merely following orders.

i will be back at the turn of the month, after a number of crazy things die down around here. you know about the move - that probably would've resulted in a little blogging break all on its own! but add to that a little editing gig that is really not little at all (pages. hundreds and hundreds of them.), and another totally unexpected, totally exciting, and totally as yet unbloggable (oh god, i'm doing it again!!) development have all conspired to take me out of blogging commission for the rest of the month. but once i get everything done and regain some semblance of my sanity, i'll be back, and hopefully able to blog the unbloggable and continue to annoy you all with my generally self-involved blathering.

until that fine day arrives, though, go forth and read my blogroll. get to know each other. enjoy each other's company. and i'll see you later.

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Toast said...

Damn, kate. Matsuzaka's start last night wasn't that bad... ;-)

Hope you at least find time to stop by and comment while you're hiatusing.