Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and so you're back. from outer space.

it's been so long since i've blogged, i blanked out on the website address to sign into this thing. i was like, "www.blogspot.com?? that seems logical, but for some reason, incorrect." and lo - it was. blog-ger, kate, blog-ger.

so anyways. i am back, and boring as ever. i regret that this blog has gotten boring. i plan on changing that (truly, i do, and not in the "my new year's resolution is to quit smoking" kind of way). i'm going to write when i write - which is hopefully fairly regularly, but i'm not going to pressure myself to throw up some blahdy-blah just because it's been two days since i last posted - and i'm going to write stuff with a point.

revolutionary, i know.

(and i'm kind of lying - sometimes i still won't have a point. this is a blog, after all. but hopefully it will be less often.)

ok, so, before we get to all that point-having, i'll tell you a little bit about what i've been up to. mainly, moving the fuck out of virginia. here are some pics of the new place (the apartment is long and narrow, which doesn't lend itself well to being able to capture a whole room in one picture - the following half-assed attempts will have to suffice):

the living room, as seen from the kitchen

the kitchen, as seen from the living room

the itty bitty bathroom

and the piece de resistance - and not just because i just spent 20 minutes in microsoft paint deciding how to best anonymize BoyCat - the bedroom

i think i just made up that word, anonymize. and i like it.

so this is where we live now. it's pretty great, but i'm not gonna lie, it's taking some getting used to. a new job and a big move are both big events in and of themselves, and the fact that i took both on within one month has left me a bit...overwhelmed. as in, i've had about three mini-breakdowns in as many days. i'm tired, and anxiety-ridden, and wound up, and freaked out, and....so on. i'm just glad that most of the major logistical hurdles are behind us (except you for you, DC DMV...and oh how i am sick just thinking about you. the story of our car inspection process is a tale for a whole 'nother post), and that soon i can start trying to do things like breathe. and relax. ideally at the same time.

and finally, for the few of you that are still curious about what the unbloggable stuff was, i am going to have to remain mum on that for a little while longer. but really, don't waste any energy on it, because it's nothing bad and nothing really major - i'm not becoming an astronaut or having a baby or getting married or moving to portugal or anything. i hate bein' like that - you know i do - but i am. and when i finally do post about it, you all will be like "that's it? aw man. that's boring."

because boring is what i do best! did best, i mean, did best...things will be different this year, i swear. i'm gonna lose 20 pounds. and write a novel. and spend more time with my kids. and quit smoking, of course.

see you again when i have a point.


jayniek said...

yayaaaa! you're back!
i like boycat's head. it's so perfectly round. They say facial symmetry is beauty.

Michelle said...

I interrupt this eating of a rice noodle soup bowl to say what a great window seat in the bedroom!

jacket said...

Your new place looks great. Points, by the way, are overrated.

Jared Goralnick said...

Oh I can't wait to see your place now that you don't live in the middle of nowhere Virginia! Oh, dinner party dinner party!!! I've got to introduce you to some cool people nearby, too. It's great to have you in the District. And that place looks awesome!

kate.d. said...
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Cinnamon said...

Congratulations, Kate! It's great to see that you've finally moved someplace where you won't feel quite so out of place. Best wishes that the new job continues to go well and that the new place continues to feel more settled and more like home with each passing day.