Monday, March 12, 2007

"resistance is futile."

so say my allergies to my face. almost five days of radio silence over here, and i'm all ready to get back to blogging, and then the minute my plane touches down at dulles all parts of my head go into open revolt.

so, given that i've been on the move since 6:00 am this morning, and that my nose currently resembles a faucet more than a body part, i'm checking in just to check out. back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, i'm sure.

(and by the way, border cafe? still delicious. i love that place. and boston? still beautiful, especially when see from an airplane window. i love that town. and the Cat family? still hilarious and wonderful. i love those peeps.)

1 comment:

nadia said...


Welcome back, your fans miss you...or well, your readers.

Hope you had a great time, all bodily faucet behaving body parts aside.