Tuesday, March 13, 2007

remember that time?

when i said i'd be back to regularly scheduled blogging soon?

that was a total lie.

i am currently anticipating the ring of my cell phone, which will be BoyCat calling to request a pick-up at the Metro. this is really the least that i can do, considering the inclement weather odyssey on which he went to bring me to the airport last week. then after we get back, i need to make some dinner, which i haven't done because you know, murphy's law - BoyCat would have called the minute i put the rice in the boiling water. so i still gots to eat.

and then, after sustenance comes secondary income - a small editing job that should get done tonight. and then, hopefully some additional income on top of that - filling out my brackets. my brackets! they are giving me fits!! people, i do not know what to do. i'm halfway through my "serious" bracket (the one that goes in the bigger money pool at the office, and does not, under any circumstances, have Boston College winning it all), and i am stuck. i have too many one and two seeds going deep; i'm sending two second seeds and one top seed to the final four already, and i want to put in a lower seed as my fourth pick, but the region i have left is the East, and it's hard to bet against either UNC or Georgetown coming out of there, and.......

*freaks out*

i need help. i have until 5:00 pm tomorrow to get these picks in, and then i can tweak them for my "BC National Championship, Otherwise Known as Insanity" bracket for toast's pool. but in serious, serious, seriously seriousness - who do you like?

EDIT: this has nothing to do with anything, but is it me, or is blogger's timestamp all wickity-wack? this post is stamped 6:57 pm, but my laptop's clock says 8:12 pm. wha?? that's not even just an hour off, that's plain old messed up. i checked my settings, and it's on EST. weirdness.

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