Sunday, February 25, 2007

a pre-oscar query.

for those of you that have seen The Departed:

do you think that the last shot was a little, um, heavy-handed? (let's say the last few frames, not the whole shot, because i don't want this to be a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.) i mean, it's scorsese, and there's all this best director buzz, and honestly i can see that - it was a really well-shot and well-acted movie. and i guess that's why i was so put off by the last image, because it was way too easy. do you think? or am i being unduly harsh? or, even more likely, is there some significance to it that i'm missing?

and by the way, i think the funniest part of the whole movie for me was the line "he was a carpet layer for jordan marsh." or, phonetically, "he was a cahpet layah for jawdan maash." i think i actually laughed out loud. those moments when the completely ridiculous and the completely familiar merge - when you realize that what once seemed normal to you is actually comically provincial - are just hilarious. and i think for any current or former bostonian, this movie was, at the very least, good for that!


Toast said...

Does it take place in Boston?

Oh, and will you be blogging the show tonight, or do I have to do it for you?

kate.d. said...

well toast, i think you should do it regardless: you + award shows + live blogging = potential comic gold.

i assume that i'll go the same route i did last year, with frozen margaritas and pajamas and some blogging :) though i feel less invested than last year, because i've only seen one of the major movies and don't really have any strong feelings about the big categories.

so maybe i'll just relegate myself to critiquing fashion and acceptance speeches!

Toast said...

Allrightey then. I am off and running.