Monday, February 26, 2007

oh, it's one of those posts.

i am kinda freaking out a bit right now, over something i really need to just not be freaking out about. because a freak out is entirely unnecessary. and i can't really blog about it, because it's kinda work-related-ish, and i don't wanna do that.

so, instead of being able to ramble about it to you all and then probably feel a little better about it, instead i'm perpetuating that lame-ass genre of posts, The Nebulous, Self-Involved Allusion to Some Sort of Problem. i fucking hate those posts!

i'm sorry, so sorry.

in other news: about half of all my socks have holes in them, my cat has a dirty nose, and i had two tacos and some chips and salsa for dinner.

there - the raging inanity of this post is now complete!


Kate said...

Raging inanity, The Contrarian, I'll read them all!

Hope the nebulous problem rights itself, or you right it, whichever makes the most sense.

Cinnamon said...

Hmm. Maybe you need password protected posts so you can rant privately.

Or there is the world of Vox.

Toast said...

The Nebulous, Self-Involved Allusion to Some Sort of Problem.

Oh, come on, those are the best posts. I've had a few myself recently, and for the same reason: Can't blog about all the horrific shit plaguing the project I'm on at work. Way too many people at the office drop by the blog.

Hey, I know: You could vent about your problems at work in my comments section and vice-versa! It'd be a piss-and-moan exchange program.

kate.d. said...

toast, i think i'm too paranoid for even that! but cinn might be onto something with the password protected idea - i should look into that.

i guess the things is, it's not often that i feel like i can't blog freely about something. just with work, really. but then again, if i had the password thing, i could blog about work more often.

and really, who doesn't want to think and talk about work more often?? :) perhaps i should avoid such an option.

educand said...

This is a shining example of the reason why I blog under a pseudonym.