Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tuesdays, man.

i am not going to win any erudition awards tonight. between work, and the treadmill, and some extra editing work tonight, my general cognitive abilities are dipping into dangerous levels of depletion.

for instance, i wish i could blog about the show that BoyCat and i just watched on the discovery channel called genius sperm bank. seriously, this dude back in the 80s built this sperm bank that he filled with smart dude sperm, and now there's all these kids out there, and they did a whole show about it. there were SO MANY messed up things packed into this sixty minutes of tv, i wouldn't even know where to begin. i'd probably start with the donor that they interviewed who said he considered himself in the 99th percentile of humanity and wished his life was like "one of those movies, you know...about the past...where the king has like, 70 or 80 kids. i'd like to have a palace, with all my kids around me."

this man has fathered nineteen children, and it makes me very, very concerned for the future. of people. everywhere.

ok, i'm going to go squirt some antibiotics in CatCat's mouth and then probably fall asleep. god i love tuesdays.

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