Saturday, January 13, 2007

they're dropping like flies.

my friend dan has succumbed to the dark side and started a blog. however, unlike this pile of narcissistic navel-gazing, petulant whining, and occasional kitty pictures, dan's blog promises to have content that is know...interesting.

You're No Jack Kennedy will be "keeping an eye on the rhetorical flourishes, the baits-and-switches and the bald-faced lies of politicians and the nation's ever-expanding chattering class." dan, being a political reporter and world-class wiseass himself, is perfectly positioned to make you actually want to read about semantics, logical fallacies, and general bullshit. so, if you're ever in need of a rhetoric fix, now you know where to go.

and even though he lives in brooklyn now, don't worry - he's a born and bred red sox fan. maybe every now and then he'll treat us to a deconstruction of the New York Post sports section - that back page can be political spin at its finest, right?


Toast said...

don't worry - he's a born and bred red sox fan

I was literally in the act of clicking on his link when I read that, and then I stopped myself.

kate.d. said...

ah toast, by that logic, you and i would never have become internet friends :)

Toast said...

True. But you came to me. ;-)

On a semi-related note, I discovered something horrible recently. Peter Abraham, the Yankees beat writer for the Lower Hudson Journal and my favorite Yanks blogger? Huge Patriots fan. Ugh. Every time he refers to the "Mighty Patriots" I want to throw up.

kate.d. said...

a pats and yankees fan? why, that's positively circus freak show. truly beyond my comprehension. does he swallow swords too?