Sunday, January 14, 2007

sunday, sweet sunday.

two football games + beer in the fridge + snacks in the cupboard + comfy cargo pants + a soft couch = my recipe for a perfectly lazy day.

go bears!
go pats!

one football related question before i get back to doing nothing: what is up with the nfl picking prince as the superbowl halftime show performer? BoyCat and i are fascinated by this. i mean, i love prince, but i don't quite see how the slightly androgynous, hyper-sexed* male diva is a strong match with the most hyperbolically masculine sporting event of the year. i mean, what audience are they going for with this? and what will he sing?? all his old stuff is a little, shall we say, risqué, and you know how much the nfl digs risqué these days. all around, a baffling and intriguing decision. for the first time in a long while, i'll actually be interested in watching the halftime show...

*at least, he was, before he back a misogynistic jehovah's witness or whatever the hell he is now. which is another reason i'm kinda shocked he'd even agree to do the show. i'd think the superbowl would represent some slovenly, heathen, capitalistic bacchanal to him. who knows, though, maybe his religious conversion was like the symbol-as-name period - he eventually got sick of it.


DancingFish said...

Do you think he will have to change the words to 1999 to be about the Superbowl somehow? "2000-0-7 Halftime over, Bears win-ning...Do Doooo Do Do Do"

They also usually have tons of special guest that will probably be used to even out the strange-ness of Prince. Prince + some random country star = CBS Superbowl Gold!

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Oh happy day.

As you were rooting for both the Pats and the Bears today, you must be twice as elated as I am.

Sunday, sweet Sunday indeed.

Toast said...

Hey, they had Justin Timberlake, so clearly masculinity isn't a prerequisite.