Monday, December 04, 2006

ok, now you're just messing with me.

i am exhausted and about to head to the gym, but i just had to tell you all:

virginia is crazy.

no, i mean it this time. i kinda sorta thought it before, but now i am certain. so remember when i posted last month about how i had to drive around for 20 minutes just to find an honest-to-goodness mailbox? well. early - way too early - on saturday morning, BoyCat and i bundled up and got in the car to head to the DMV. mmmhmmm that's right, the DMV. we were both getting new licenses, and attempting to register the car in virginia to get new plates (our illinois ones had expired two days earlier). so it is before 8:00 am, i am looking at the prospect of standing outside in the cold waiting to get into a government building, and i am not very happy about either cirumstance.

"what the hell does this have to do with mailboxes, kate?" hold on, i'll tell you. as we pulled out of the apartment complex, i asked BoyCat to make a quick right so i could drop our netflix dvd in the mailbox. you know, the only mailbox. so, we took a right, and i looked, and it was not there.

the mailbox, it seems, has vanished.

i turned to BoyCat and said, "am i going insane? there was a mailbox here, right?" he said, "yeah, i think so." but he had only been there once, i had been twice, so i knew so. but the state of virginia, apparently unhappy with its citizens' collective ability to mail things unencumbered, decided to eradicate the one mailbox that i've ever been able to locate south of the mason-dixon line.

thank god the DMV actually gave us licenses and plates that day (not that it didn't take three hours, but that's a whole 'nother story), or else i would've had to consider drastic action. like a crying fit.

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jayniek said...

catcat blew up the mailbox with a cherry bomb when she was wasted.

i just know it.