Tuesday, December 05, 2006

in other imbecile-related news.

i scraped another car in our parking garage today. specifically, the one parked right next to ours. imagine that! i knew the very small amount of space between their bumper and the concrete column on the other side of the parking spot was going to do me in sooner or later!

just how i wanted to spend a few hundred bucks around the holidays - on someone else's paint job, and not on presents for people i actually know.

so, now you're all getting beef jerky and old copies of the washington post for christmas. deal with it.


Roni said...

what no cheese?

jayniek said...

dude, that blows.

i would have hit the other car 48 times by now. And i mean hit, not scrape.

Cinnamon said...

Yeah, the first time I pulled out (yes, out) of our garage, I scraped the door track. I constantly fear that I'm going to hit our neighbor's car while pulling into the garage. It's not a super-tight squeeze, but its not roomy either. So when pulling into the garage I go really slowly and repeat "don't hit the car" in aloop in my head. And every time I make it to a parking position, I sigh.

And the timing absolutely sucks. Maybe you could make Xmas presents?