Tuesday, December 12, 2006

oh dear, another blog meme.

damn you, jaynie k!

i feel as though i might have done this "five things you don't know about me" meme before, but i'm too lazy to hunt through the archives. so if i repeat myself, well, pretend that you didn't already know what i'm claiming at the moment that you don't know.

ok. so:

1) my favorite pair of jeans ever in the universe bit the dust in 2002 while i wrestled a friend outside an amherst bar at some unknown (but certainly ungodly) hour. tore the knee wide open crossways, and down enough that it made a little flap of denim. i still wore the jeans for a good two years anyway.

2) i have a somewhat serious fear of a meteor crashing into the earth and killing me. i mine this for comic gold most of the time, but the fear? kinda true.

3) i don't have much jewelry at all, but i still have a necklace that my boyfriend in the fifth grade bought me on a field trip to the museum of science in boston. it's a stone on a gold chain, and the stone is a mottled brown and white on one side, and a smooth purple color on the other. i wore it to his funeral, and it's still in my jewelry box.

4) i chew my nails constantly. i have not been able to keep my nails any longer than the tips of my fingers for years. nothing solves this problem.

5) i fell asleep during the third quarter of the bears game last night. shhhh, don't tell anyone!

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