Friday, December 29, 2006

friday cat blogging, the return of CatCat edition.

i was a little worried about retrieving CatCat upon our return from massachusetts. she had been stowed away at a kennel for a week, and while it was a pretty nice kennel, it was a cage for eight days just the same. so i wondered exactly how much she would hate us, and for how long, after we picked her up.

turns out i did not have to worry about it.

my sweet little CatCat. forgiving to a fault, but that's how we like her.


Toast said...

Hate to say it, but she has a bit of a pissed-off expression, no?

kate.d. said...

oh, not at all. i think her "i'm kinda pissed" look and her "i'm so placated by this petting i could fall asleep" look are probably eerily similar.

just now, she practically put both my arms to sleep sitting on me through the last half of a scanner darkly.

Toast said...

through the last half of a scanner darkly.

Oh, hey, that's in my Netflix queue. (Read the book last Spring.) What did you think?

kate.d. said...

it was good, not great (BoyCat seconds that assessment). i've never read any phillip k. dick, though, so i have no idea how it would compare to the book.

it's worth a watch just for the animation stuff,'s much more life-like than waking life was, and i thought the look it achieved was really cool.

Toast said...

I've read about eight of his books. This was just the most reason. Scanner was intensely trippy, so it seemed like a great one to take the animated route with. And of course I'm a huge Keanu Reeves fan.

Toast said...

Ooooh. That was supposed to say "most recent".