Sunday, November 05, 2006

what're you gonna do.

so BoyCat and i woke up today, had some coffee and breakfast, and set off for the gym around 10:30. we were being oh so responsible and productive with our day. we arrive at the gym, and are promptly informed that the agreement our apartment complex has with the gym (which was set up because the complex's on-site gym is being renovated) has expired, and we can't work out there anymore. hmmm, that would've been good to know before getting changed and driving all the way over there! thanks, apartment complex!

so, upon receiving this unfortuate news, BoyCat and i did what any right-thinking people would do. we went to the liquor store.

behold, my find of the (late) morning:

shipyard! direct from federal jack's in kennebunkport, maine (the only bar from which i've ever been tossed - that's another dumb story though). how fun! so now i have a little slice (or six slices, to be exact) of new england in my fridge.

the following booze was actually not purchased today, but at a different store a few weeks ago. however, it was so funny that i had to a) buy it, and b) take a picture for you all:

love it. and finally, to make this a complete photo dump, BoyCat and i spotted this cruelty on a downtown street the other day:

that, my friends, is a picture of a chicago-style hot dog. it's on the side of a little foodstand cart, the likes of which you'll see all over downtown DC (and funnily enough, you'll never really see that much in downtown chicago). but these stands don't serve chicago-style hot dogs. i don't know if they just buy these carts wholesale - and cheap, hopefully, given their condition - from chicago or what, but i've seen more than one of them around. it is pure, unadulterated sadism for those recently relocated from chi-town.

i miss sport peppers, dammit.


Toast said...

Mmmmmm. Shipyard.

I, too, am having a beer from Maine: Geary's Autumn Ale. Delish.

Jared Goralnick said...

If you do end up trying Mommy's Time Out, let me know if I should pick up some more. what a perfect wine to stock up on for parties...

Mike said...

What, prey tell, is a sport pepper?

kate.d. said...

sport peppers are a lot like pepperocinis, but smaller and...i'd say less sweet, but i dunno if that's really true. they just taste a little different than a pepperocini.

they fit very well alongside the rest of the chicago-dog condiments :)

Mike said...

Well-handled, by the way.

I'm a fan of going to the gym, then starting the drinking. But getting the drinking in is the key.

And I'm with Toast: Mmmmmm, Shipyard.