Friday, November 03, 2006

friday cat blogging, fashion issues edition.

CatCat, while reposing on the couch, poses this pressing question:

"why do some women insist on wearing pantyhose with open-toed shoes? why???"

i can't give her a suitable answer.


Roni said...

Because they have to? A long time ago, at a job far, far away, the dress code called for pantyhose even with open toed shoes.

Otherwise, I have no idea.

Cinnamon said...

Just to piss you off, you fuzzy little beast. Just to piss you off.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I had a former boss who required pantyhose with sandals.

It ruined my summer.

And makes me so happy I no longer work there.

educand said...

I'll see CatCat's question, and raise another one - why are human beings of any variety still wearing flip-flops?! It is November and 40 degrees outside. I've seen people huddling in parkas with flip-flops on their feet. Weird.

jayniek said...

if you saw someone wearing brown pants and black open-toed shoes with pantyhose, would you shoot them in cold blood?

don't lie.

what if you could see a pair of orange crocs peeking out of their black velour bag?

then they'd really deserve it.

kate.d. said...

jayne, i think i would drop dead before i could even reach for my revolver.

seriously, pantyhose with open-toed shoes are like the visual equivalent of nails on a blackboard to me. if, as roni and browneyedgirlie point out, some women are required to endure such a horror, well - that must constitute a human rights violation of some kind.

kate.d. said...

and oh my god, i actually did see someone wearing orange crocs on the metro last night. true.

i averted my eyes as quickly as i could.

Lola Mason said...

I certainly hope in the name of all things sacred and all the fashion wisdom I have imparted upon you, if you saw someone in the attire Jayne has described that you would at least punch them in the face. And maybe spit on them for the crocs...