Thursday, October 12, 2006

riddle me this.

if there were a person who, upon hearing that a woman was denied timely access to EC after a condom broke during sex, and that the woman is now seeking an abortion as a result of that delay, took it upon him/herself to tell that woman that she deserves to be "brutally raped before being slaughtered in the most painful way I can think of" - would you call that person "pro-life"?

because i have to say, i wouldn't.

i know i'm late to this development, and i actually read about this days ago - the reality of it has been flexing its claws against the back of my mind since then. and it hurts. it hurts to think about.

if you don't believe that much of the anti-abortion movement is really just a veiled hatred and fear of women, and of the power that they wield when they make their own choices, read the above post.

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e$ said...

oh my god, i think it just threw up as I was reading that. Fucking christ, what is wrong with people.