Thursday, October 12, 2006

hey! blogger's back.

and now that it is, i find i have nothing of consequence to say. this "having nothing to say" phenomenon could explain the dip in my readership as of late.

sorry, readership!

i find that i am just tired lately. which seems ridiculous, as i am unemployed. but i feel like i'm doing a pretty good job of getting out there, interviewing for jobs, making contacts, trying to get acclimated to DC. and that, friends, is kinda tiring! yesterday i went on two interviews, and then went out with BoyCat, one of his co-workers, and a friend from grad school. a co-worker of grad school friend came along, and she is actually going to help me get in and talk with some people at Media Matters, a great, liberal watchdog group. so, even though i am spent from my long day yesterday, good things happen when i get out and do stuff!

so i need to do that. more stuff. even though i'm tired. i'm off in an hour or so to go downtown and meet a friend of a friend who works for a liberal leadership organization for coffee, and also potentially meet up with another friend's contact who works for NOW.

one of a variety of lessons already learned here in DC: networking is exhausting, but worth it.

i hope.


Roni said...

Have fun!

hetherjw said...

Good luck with the job hunt!

I was always super tired (for the last 3.5 months while I was looking) and now that I am working and getting way less sleep I have more energy. Maybe being bored to death by daytime TV really is harder than work.

Toast said...

Being unemployed is the most tiring job in the world.

BTW, if you get a job at Media Matters, you'll *totally* be my hero. I mean, not that you're not already...

e$ said...

networking sucks. I'd like to build a robot to do it for me.