Monday, August 28, 2006

pity party, table of one.

i'm sure that blog post title has been used innumerable times already. as stephen colbert says, deal with it.

ok, so.

- it was cold and rainy today. i went to work in short sleeves and flat sandals with long-ish pants. this resulted in me being soaked to the knees by 8:15 a.m and not fully dry til about 10:30.

- i forgot breakfast.

- i have five grants and reports due in the next four days.

- it was still raining when i left work.

- we came home to our kitchen ceiling actively leaking water. onto the kitchen floor. right through the paint, and plaster, and what i assume should be about five other layers before you reach the outside.

- i still don't have a job in DC. i have only had two phone interviews in two months. this is discouraging.

- we still don't have an apartment in DC. we're going to start making some phone calls and serious inquiries about places next week, but given the employment situation, it looks like i'll probably have to ask my parents to be a co-signer. i'm 26 years old. this is discouraging.

- i'm hungry, but i don't know what i want to eat. don't you hate that?


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I'll join the pity party. Make that a table for two.

I'm 27 and still LIVING with my parents because I can't afford a full-time job, grad school, an apartment, and to pay my bills.

And I've still got 9 months left of grad school before I can even THINk about looking for my own place.

I feel your pain.

hetherjw said...

Lets make that a party of three.

26, unemployed and living with my parents.

quitting my job and moving to Dubai seemed like such a good idea. until I came home, realized I had quit my job and was moving back home. also its raining today.

jayniek said...

a party with kate and jason should be wicked fun...

but this one doesn't sound so awesome.

i mean, i'll still come, but there better be plenty of wine.
and spinakopita.

Stacey said...

Sounds like fun - pity parties rock. Let me see: almost 25, STILL not into a graduate program, STILL working at this silly place that smarter kids like Jaynie & Jason left long ago, and haven't been on a date in 3 MONTHS. I think that about covers it. ;)

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Oh, and I forgot about the not being able to find a great guy part.

No dates for me in 3 months, either.

YAY for pity parties!

educand said...

Dude, also? So not a big deal to have your parents co-signing at 26. Trust me, from the perspective of 30 (and still terminally single, still in grad school, and scrounging all my pennies to move into a fucking STUDIO, for crying out loud...), 26 is so ridiculously young that I can hardly believe they let you cross the street without someone holding your hand. And DC is the land of opportunity. I'm not saying that it doesn't make sense and isn't perfectly natural to be feeling stressed and worried right now, because you wouldn't be human if you weren't, but I'm saying - I have high hopes for you, and no growth is ever achieved without crossing a vast burbling river of suck to get to it.