Friday, July 28, 2006

a list.

things that i've discovered they do have in the DC area

1. ikea (hell, most of our apartment is furnished via the swedes at the moment, so why stop now?)

2. trader joe's (thank god, i think i'd die without access to their frozen veggie burritos.)

3. chipotle (mmmm, cheap and delicious chips and guacamole.)

things that i've discovered they don't have in the DC area

1. chase banks (i hate switching banks. and the irony is i'll probably end up switching to bank of america, which is the bank i switched from when i moved to chicago. ugh.)

2. chicago-style hot dogs (i've googled the hell out of this. nothing.)

3. a nice one-bedroom apartment in a nice urban neighborhood for under $1,200 (this, as you can imagine, is the most distressing item of the three.)

1 comment:

DancingFish said...

I can't stand the hot dogs on the east coast! Chili and onions on them here in PA = yuck. Even more distressing is this "pizza" they have here. I see no point in thin crust whatsoever.