Saturday, July 29, 2006

friday cat blogging, immobilized edition.

oh, you know what? it's hot.

so hot that CatCat can't even be enticed to move from her convenient spot right in the way of everyone's feet, a.k.a. the doorway.

yes, that is a shopping bag overflowing with clothes. it's the "to be donated" bag that's been sitting there, not donated, for a good three months. i just keep piling stuff on there after i put it on and discover it's too small/too big/too short/too ugly to wear anymore. sometime before we move, it's going to have to make it's way up the street to the Brown Elephant thrift store. CatCat will be sad to lose her doorway companion, but she's just going to have to live with it.


Toast said...

Uh, kate? If that spot is in the way of your feet, you've got walking issues.

kate.d. said...

toast, your powers of perception are remarkable - i actually do have walking issues! i attribute them to a fallacious "inner ear problem," but really, i just have moments of astonishingly unprovoked clumsiness.

however, in my defense, CatCat is pretty compact in this picture. more often than not she's splayed out on her side over there, legs jutting every which way. she especially likes to do this in the middle of the night, when it's pitch dark, and i'm trying to make my way to the bathroom.

FINY said...

Why do cats always find a way of getting underfoot no matter what? Tessie does that too. I just can't take a picture of it cause she's all black and ends up coming out looking like just some big black ball.