Monday, June 19, 2006

just what i needed - more television crack.

have you seen this show on tlc? shalom in the home?

oh my goodness. this could be a nanny 911 type situation here, people.

after a long day, BoyCat and i were cruising through the comcast guide around 8:45, seeing if there was anything suitable for watching while lolling about listlessly. i saw shalom in the home and thought, hey, i've seen those colorful, eye-catchings ads on tlc. it's got a rabbi, and families with psychological issues. i'll bite.

so we watched, and it exceeded even my expectations of dysfunction, trust exercises, and "how does that make you feel?" moments. i'm not being flip here - i love this stuff. whatever it says about the self-inflated nature of my ego, nothing pleases me more than being an armchair psychologist.

and really, the rabbi's name is shmuley. how can you not root for a dude named shmuley?

i think i'll be clearing my schedule every monday at 9:00. i'll justify this by the repeated assertion, "ok, but seriously, i'm not watching the third season of the o.c.".

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