Monday, May 15, 2006

ok, that's enough.

people, it is still raining. and i don't mean like, oh, it's been a rainy weekend. it was raining when i posted on friday afternoon, and it is still raining. precipitation has not ceased for over 48 hours. massachusetts is in a state of emergency, backroads are flooded, and it's continuing to come down.

they're saying if this were snow, it would be seven feet of accumulation.

i am flying back to chicago later today, where i hope to find dry pavement and possibly - can i hope against hope? - the visible sun tomorrow.


Kate said...

My drive back to CT this morning was mostly uneventful. It was cloudy, sure, but it wasn't raining. I began to get smug. Haha, I will not have rain when I get back but TD will be drenched!

Ten miles from home?

Massive thunderstorms. Still going.

educand said...

Dude, it really needs to stop raining. Dayenu, already!