Thursday, April 13, 2006

as embarrassing as this is going to be, i am compelled to do it anyway.

ok, i know you all watch lost, and 24, and all those other halfway decent shows on tv. (well, i don't know if 24 is halfway decent, what is this like its 27th season? during how many twenty-four hours periods can the world teeter on the brink of nuclear annihilation?) so you're probably not going to be interested in the following. just fair warning.

instead of bothering with good television (this most recent season of west wing excepted), i gravitate toward crap. you saw my post on wedding shows, so this is not really up for debate. and even though two months ago i swore up and down that we were breaking up and i never wanted to see the o.c. again...well...i lied. i'm still watching.

and tonight! oh my god. the actual episode isn't even the point, it's the "scenes from the next..." that they tack on at the end. it is through this glorious 30 seconds of tv teaser that i learned....

(if you don't watch the o.c. and are still reading this right now, well...why are you reading this right now? suffice to say the following will be of as little interest to you as the previous three paragraphs.)

anna and theresa are back next week!! holy season one overload! i can hardly deal with just one of them, but both? my little teenybopper-soap-opera mind is blown. seth is broken up with summer, and anna - possibly the love of his life - shows up. ryan, about to go to berkeley and perhaps go 30 days without having a reason to mope in the poolhouse, will have to deal with theresa and her baby-who-might-or-might-not-be-his-spawn. how are they going to pack this much goodness into 60 minutes??

ok, i need to calm down. i also need to read a book or something. tolstoy, or some poststructural theory, something to exercise all of the brain cells that are atrophying as we speak.


somewaterytart said...

I actually blame Anna Karenina for all the cultural dreck I suck down each day. Stupid long-ass Russian ISLAND PEOPLE!!

I also watch wedding shows. And 'Ten Years Younger.' And the food network. And I LOVE 'True Life' on MTV.

DancingFish said...

I also tried to break up with the OC. If it doesn't get better by the end of this season I swear we are finished. At least I have Lost and 24 to comfort me...

I just hope Anna and Summer have some Golden Girls themed conversations. No one but Summer could be the love of Seths life (except maybe me). Especially since Summer also embraced her geeky side.

Why is Ryan such a man-whore? Marissa, Theresa, his aunt, that jewelry making girl, floating in the pool girl (they never got together but it was weird there for an episode or two), random waitress in NM. The little kid in the preview was blond but if Ryan gives up college to take care of the kid (recycled storyline from season 1) me and the OC are definitly done.